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107.381,94 € Donations from our audience since the beginning of our cooperation with GO AHEAD! in 2006

A new project, the same enduring help in South Africa! For many years we had supported preschool children in South Africa together with GO AHEAD!, that have lost one or both parents to Aids.

Thanks to our local partner – HEARTBEAT - these children had been placed and been taken care of in different preschools. HEARTBEATs social workers had since tried consistently to apply for ministerial sponsorship, in order to force the state into its duty. This constant effort has now prospered and all preschool children have been taken over into state support programmes and don't need further support from HEARTBEAT and JAMARAM anymore.
But our work is long not finished! The children in South Africa's district Jozini are not only to attend school in the mornings, but shall also be given the chance to find support and advice during the rest of the day. For that reason HEARTBEAT runs a so called Learning Center. The Learning Center is a facility that the children can visit in the afternoons, where they get a proper meal, are supported doing their homework and different leisure activities are offered.
Many children can't visit the Learning Center frequently. That is because the district of Jozini, in which the Learning Center is located, is very spacious. HEARTBEAT has hence hired 16 social worker. They travel around the region and visit the children at home in order to supply those, who can't attend the Learning Center due to whatever drawback may keep them, with private lessions and psychological support. Thanks to HEARTBEAT's and JAMARAM's contribution, it's ensured that all children in Jozini benefit from the Learning Center.

Many thanks to all donators!

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